providing safe, reliable, and efficient industrial BLOWERS, PNEUMATIC CONVEYING SYSTEMS, AND COMPONENTS.


AirBTU Inc is the centrifugal air moving and bulk solids handling expert for industry in Ohio. Contact AirBTU/REP for bulk solids handling, centrifugal blowers, dampers, expansion joints and air pollution scrubbers: AirBTU provides engineering, selection guidance, trouble-shooting repair and preventative maintenance services.

Our expertise includes server duty applications where extreme temperature, pressure, corrosion or wear are operational concerns.


Pneumatic Conveying Systems

AirBTU Inc. designs and builds pneumatic conveying systems including dilute phase and dense phase and mechanical conveying.  Young Industries provides dense phase Product Pumps, Transflow systems, DFB bulk bag unloaders, and Stinger solids flow feeders. 

Young Industries provides the most robust and quality rotary valves available, 100% made in our own factory in Muncy, Pennsylvania since 1947. Young Industries Cast Iron Rotary valves and cast diverter valves set the industry standard for quality and duty. 


Bulk Solids Flow Systems

We specialize in handling Titanium dioxide, carbon black, and hard-to-handle pigments.  Bulk bag unloading, filtered bag dump stations, powered bin vent filters, and custom filter receivers are provided with full engineering support

  • Transflow, Stinger and Product Pump Systems 

  • TiO2 and Fine Powder Handling: Experts in handling of TiO2 and fine pigments.  Young Industries provides flow solutions to handling 

  • Titanium dioxide and other hard to handle pigments and toners.


Centrifugal Blowers, Damper and Expansion Joints

  • Phelps Fan Process duty centrifugal fans from 50 HP to 2500 HP

  • Phelps Fan provides the most robust and quality centrifugal fans available, 100% made in our own factory in Little Rock, Arkansas since 1915.

  • Re-manufactured Lamson, Hoffman and HSI cast iron blowers cast iron multi-stage centrifugal blowers. 

  • Mader Dampers

  • Meccom Expansion Joints

  • AirBTU Hi-Thrust Air Nozzle and Air Knife Technology


Air Pollution Scrubbers and High Efficiency Cyclones

Fisher-Klosterman Emtrol brand has been supplying custom-designed air pollution control and product recovery equipment since 1948. 

Our product line includes high-efficiency to ultra-high efficiency Industrial Cyclones and Venturi scrubbers. Our expertise includes handling the most severe process conditions, such as high temperature, high pressure, erosive particulate, and corrosive gases.