We provide expertise in the disciplines of Centrifugal Air Moving, Blowers, Dampers, and Expansion Joints. AirBTU/National designs and manufactures the Hi-Thrust Air Knife Conveyor Dryer.


AirBTU provides centrifugal fans and multistage centrifugal blowers up to 350,000 cfm and up to 18 psig. Special materials of construction are normal and available for corrosive and/or abrasive airstreams. Blower and Fan rebuild services and trouble-shooting services are routinely available.


Centrifugal Blowers

Phelps Fan has 100 years experience in building industrial blowers – solving erosion and corrosion problems in industrial fan and blower systems since 1915.  Phelps Fan is specifically recognized for safe, high-reliability centrifugal fans in the power boiler, glass, fiberglass, and steel industries.

Phelps Fan builds custom OEM centrifugal fans in the 50 HP to 2500 HP sizes with all types of alloys and wear protection.

Atlas-Copco provides Re-manufactured Lamson and Re-manufactured Hoffman cast iron blowers and HSI cast iron multi-stage centrifugal blowers. 

Process duty centrifugal fans from 50 HP to 2500 HP.  Centrifugal fans in all alloys including Super duplex alloys, Nickel alloys, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.  Induced draft and forced draft fans for boiler and air pollution systems.  Vacuum blowers for pneumatic conveying and process suction.  Cast Iron Multi-stage centrifugal blowers typical of Lamson and Hoffman cast iron blowers. Fiberglass centrifugal and axial, anti-corrosion fans. Centrifugal fans for material handling designed with optimum wear resistant materials.  

AirBTU represents manufacturers selected to provide safety, reliability and energy efficiency. We design to strict standards for critical speed, rotating equipment integrity, bearing design, balance and reliability.  We are experts in air moving equipment safety and reliability.


AirBTU Air Nozzle and Air Knife Technology


AirBTU provides technology for air blow-off conveyor dryers, air knives, and air nozzles. AirBTU offers conveyor dryers and air knife systems designed to operate at 2 psig to 7 psig for optimum effectiveness. Replacement of high pressure compressed air systems by medium pressure air blow-off technology is extremely energy efficient.