state of art engineering for air and gas systems in industry.


AirBTU provides FEA and CFD design related to air and heat transfer systems. We provide solid modeling and FEA to insure safety, reliability and accuracy of design.  FEA programs are used for impeller stress level evaluation in rotating equipment, fatigue analysis, and modal/vibration prediction. This analysis allows for the efficient optimization of rotating equipment, expansion stresses, structural and wind loading and rotating dynamics.  FEA design techniques combined with years of experience in applicable solid modeling make FEA a practical tool for reliable product design.

High level CFD software is used for heat transfer modeling, pressure loss determination, vapor and phase changes as well as temperatures and velocities of gas in a model.   CFD analysis allows for the optimization of pressurized air systems, air knife / air blow off systems, and negative pressure air systems.  CFD is highly reliable when combined with our years of experience in modeling of gas and air systems.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Duct system modeling and design

  • Fan selection and performance analysis

  • System performance CFD proof models

  • Heat Transfer and Air/Gas Mixing 

  • Air system simulation